We partner with redT to distribute Redox Flow Batteries

energy-efficient complete solutions

save energy

Coara Solar energy solutions represents necessary and comprehensive awareness of energy, focusing on intelligent generation, storage and use of energy. It all starts with an energy efficiency analysis.

store energy

redT: the vanadium-based energy storage system with a long service life offers interruption-free supply of power. It is available with power ratings from 5-60kW and a scalable capacity up into 10MW and 50MWh range. In this way, base load coverage, power peak limiting and safeguarding of sensitive areas can be guaranteed at all times.

utilize energy

Intelligent products and technologies for modern industry:

Industrial solutions

Individual solutions for companies that generate their power requirements and use it themselves.

Power solutions

As a buffer to smooth the power output and to compensate for fluctuations.

E-mobility solutions

Problem-free storage or renewable energy for the operation of e-vehicles and solar filling stations around the clock.

Tele solutions

Reliable storage of energy and power supply for telecommunication networks in regions without a stable power grid.

Off-grid solutions

A low-maintenance energy storage system for buildings without connection to a power grid.

redT - Your own power grid

The scalable redT energy storage system with vanadium redox flow technology is the heart of an efficient microgrid solution. Thanks to its system integration it can balance out variability in electricity generation and utilization. Targeted management of power production and storage make it possible to achieve an effective drop in energy cost via an independent and stable power supply.

Modular and flexible for every situation

redT, the individual energy storage system adapts to every requirement. The system power output and capacity is scalable from the kilowatt range to the megawatt range without a problem.

redT - Redox Flow Technology

redT highlights

  • High safety, non-flammable, non-explosive
  • Practically unlimited cycling with no degradation over time
  • Scalable to the MW-range through simple parallel connection of multiple CellCubes
  • 100 % depth of discharge capable
  • Turnkey energy storage self-contained in weatherproof and securely protected housing
  • Up to 80 % efficiency
  • Holistic system solution, including specially coordinated inverters, allowing connection to different energy sources
  • Remote or online maintenance
  • Central temperature management, climate controlled
  • Optimal operational characteristics through intelligent battery management
  • Standard freight containers allow simple and cost-effective transport
  • Vanadium is environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Spontaneous reaction to load demand

redT for individual applications

The redT redox flow is the perfect solution for industrial applications. With capacities of 400, 800 and 1,600 kWh and discharge power output of 200 kW, redT offers huge energy reserves for power failures or to cover peak demand.

redT application fields

  • Grid support: For the stabilisation of low voltage and medium voltage grids; as energy reserve; for smoothing out peaks (compensation of load and generation peaks)
  • Backup: Use as inline UPS with frequency and amplitude decoupling; leading edge system safety
  • Wind and solar parks: As buffer to smooth energy output and to compensate for fluctuations; higher contract security due to energy reserves in times of reduced power
  • Re-powering: Investment protection – CellCube ensures constant supply even after amortization of the wind or solar park.

Power (KW) & Energy Storage Capacity (kWh)

Off-grid power generation and distribution

We design renewable energy Hybrid Solutions that generate thermal – and electrical power effectively.

Grid-connected solution - semi autonomous

In a grid connected solution, electricity generated on site is stored in the batterie for use as needed. This allows you to effectively utilize both public and private power sources to maximize cost savings by taking advantage of the most competitive energy utility rates – while maintaining an uninterrupted power.

Off-grid solution - autonomous

Where the power supply is unreliable or cost prohibitive, Off Grid solutions are ideal for a wide range of scenarios, including weak infrastructure, hotel facilities, or even entire islands. Energy storage systems combined with diesel/gas generators can reduce costs by over 50% while ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. We develop OFF Grid Energy Solutions through alliances with strategic Technology Partners.